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November 5, 2014 – WPBS, the two-Nation public broadcasting station will be airing a special one-hour broadcast, “Public Eye with Jeff Cole: Heroin Use in the North Country” on Sunday, November 23rd at 12:00pm and again Monday, November 24th at 10:00pm. Host Jeff Cole takes an in-depth view on the Heroin drug use problem that seems to have escalated and overtaken the North Country. Viewers will hear from Patrick McAnulty, a person in recovery, who speaks about how easy it is to be “hooked” after just one use.

Kristyna Mills, Assistant District Attorney, talks about the other increased crimes that come with a drug problem, including prostitution. Treatment options and many other associated issues are discussed by the entire panel. Other expert panelists featured on the program include Anita Seefried-Brown, Director of Community Prevention, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Council; Stephen Jennings, Public Health Planner, Jefferson Co. Public Health Service; and Dr. Charles Moehs, MD, Ph.D., Occupational Medicine.

Patrick McAnulty, person in recovery for 3 years,  is currently attending Jefferson Community College pursuing a degree in Chemical Dependency. The chemical dependency degree will prepare him to take his CASAC-T exam, which allows him to work as a counselor in the substance abuse field. Before attending JCC, Patrick was a student at SUNY Oswego in the Psychology/Counseling Psychological Services Program. He plans on returning after graduating from JCC.

Ms. Seefried-Brown has been the Director of Community Prevention for the past 10 years and a 20-year employee of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Council of Jefferson County. Ms. Seefried-Brown is the 2011 recipient of the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Credentialed Prevention Professional of the Year Award and the 2009 recipient of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services Providers Gerald DeGroot Award. She also serves on numerous community boards, committees, and coalitions.

Stephen A. Jennings has been a Public Health Planner with the Jefferson County Public Health Service for over 19 years. Steve serves the department cross-functionally in local and statewide initiatives. Steve serves as project director for the department’s chronic disease prevention and management initiatives. Steve has successfully authored and co-authored a multitude of grant proposals resulting in significant monetary awards to the County and partner agencies for use to improve the public’s health.

Dr. Charles Moehs, MD, Ph.D. is certified to provide Buprenorphine for opiate addicted patients and follows an active group of approximately 70 patients in his private office. He is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, active in the New York Chapter and involved with the political action committee.

Kristyna Mills started in the District Attorney’s Office in 1997 as an Assistant District Attorney, handling Watertown City Court and Justice Courts and began handling felony work in 1998. In 2000, she was promoted to Chief Assistant District Attorney. I have held that position since that time. In 2009, she received the Prosecutor of the Year Award for Trial Advocacy by the New York State Prosecutor’s Training Institute. In 2011, she was nominated as a Woman of Distinction.