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Info for Canadian Viewers

At WPBS, being a cross-border “two nation station” is central to our identity and mission. For over 60 years, WPBS has served Canadian viewers with the finest documentaries, drama series, children’s programming, lifestyle content, music and arts performances, and news & information programming. More than half of WPBS’ members are Canadian, as are many of the stations’ corporate sponsors and partners.

Canadians serve in key leadership roles at WPBS – many of the members of the Board of Trustees and Community Advisory Board are Canadian, and WPBS is the only PBS border station to have a Canadian as its President & General Manager.

We strive to ensure that viewers across Eastern Ontario and the National Capital Region are fully represented and reflected in WPBS programming and activities. We work with many community partners in Canada including cultural and arts organizations, educational institutions (secondary and post-secondary), independent production companies and local businesses. Our Canadian distribution partners include Rogers Cable, Bell Fibe, Cogeco Cable, Videotron, Eastlink, and WTC Communications. To find out how to watch WPBS in your area, click here.

We pay close attention to what our Canadian viewers and supporters tell us about the programs they like and have added British dramas, murder mysteries, how-to programming and music specials based on their suggestions. We work with Canadian independent producers in Eastern Ontario to bring their programs to U.S. audiences. Our children’s characters bring joy to events like the CFB Kingston Family Fun Fair and the Ottawa Children’s Festival.

We are proud to be your trusted media source for lifelong education, entertainment and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I stream WPBS programming online?

A: We are extremely pleased to let our Canadian members know that, as of August 2020, the “PBS Passport” on-demand viewing service is now available in Canada. Canadian WPBS members who donate at least $5/month ($60 annually) have full access to over 1,000 hours on high-quality PBS content – at the time, and on the device, that’s convenient for you.  This service, however, does not include WPBS live streaming of our channels in Canada due to rights restrictions.

You can find more information on the Passport service here:

In addition,  many programs listed on our video player ( can be streamed by anyone in Canada, even if not a WPBS member. This includes PBS NewsHour, Washington Week, Motor Week and all of our WPBS Local Productions.

Q: I’m from Canada, and I’d like to give the station a gift. Will I be charged in U.S. or Canadian funds?

A: WPBS has a Canadian presence in Gananoque, Ontario which includes accounts at local bank branches there, and we are always grateful to accept donations in Canadian funds. We have a longstanding “good neighbour” policy and always accept Canadian dollars at par for membership thank-you gifts including the PBS Passport service.

Q: Is WPBS a nonprofit company?

A: WPBS (operating as St. Lawrence Valley Educational Television Council) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service, and has operated in good standing for over 60 years.

Q: I pledged a donation during the last on-air membership drive. How long will it be before I receive my thank-you gift?

A: On the average, it takes about four to eight (4-8) weeks for you to receive your bonus item (DVD, CDs, tote bags, etc.) after making a donation. We do mail most items at the first class rate, and we usually ship “combo” items separately. We’ll try to let you know if there will be a delivery delay. Gifts sent to Canada are shipped First Class via the Canadian postal service. By law, we must include a Customs Declaration, including a description of the gift and its fair market value.

Q: I made a pledge to the station this year. How much of my donation is tax deductible?

A: Canadian residents may receive a tax break if they have a source of taxable income from the United States or file U.S. taxes (e.g. a US citizen living in Canada). WPBS is a U.S. non-profit organization, and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law if you itemize on a U.S. 1040 form. You must deduct the fair market value of any bonus item received for deductions. Please consult your tax advisor.

Q: What if I don’t have any source of taxable income from the U.S.?

A: Unfortunately, donations made to U.S. charities (which includes all PBS stations) are not deductible from Canadian income taxes unless the taxpayer has U.S. source income.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Membership Services during regular business hours:

1-888-326-9400 ext. 323 (toll-free)