Public Media Giving Days

Thank You for Participating in Public Media Giving Days!

Public Media Giving Days is a national event, bringing together stations across the country. This exciting partnership led by PBS, NPR, and fundraising entities Greater Public and Contributor Development Partnership is an opportunity not just to fundraise but to work to share enthusiasm, bring new people into the fold and take a moment to honor all that #PublicMediaGives.

Day One will be about giving back, encouraging YOU not only to donate but to ask others to donate to their hometown station as well. Then, Day Two will be for advocacy, networking and celebrating, inspiring all of our viewers to spread the word about public media and raise its place in the public consciousness. Assets are provided via the Public Media Giving Days website (accessible at

To donate: Simply call or text “2 give” at 315-782-8600 or go online at:

To advocate: Get your own personal resources at:

Public media is a fixture in communities across the country, bringing educational content, reliable journalism and entertaining television to all. And individual donors enable us to do just that!