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Algonquin College Student Documentaries to Air on WPBS-TV Friday, April 26, 2024

WATERTOWN, NY (April 24, 2024) – WPBS and Algonquin College in Ottawa continue their longtime collaborative partnership with the broadcast of a special program of short documentaries produced by Algonquin College Film and Media Production students.

Algonquin College, situated in Ottawa, Ontario, hosts a vibrant array of academic programs, among which is the popular Film and Media Production program. Drawing a diverse cohort of students annually, the program operates within the School of Media and Design, offering a curriculum aligned with industry standards. Guided by experienced faculty with active industry involvement, the program provides students with practical skills and knowledge. Leveraging strong industry connections, students benefit from networking opportunities and real-world experiences. Graduates emerge prepared for diverse careers in media, exemplifying the program’s commitment to excellence.

The broadcast, at 10:00 pm on Friday, April 26th, will feature the following short films:

Dough Across Continents: The Agege Bread Trail – Directed by Kingsley Oboro

A poignant documentary following Kingsley Oboro’s journey as he speaks about Agege Bread, a beloved Nigerian staple. The film dives deep into the heart of the community in Canada, showcasing how this simple bread has become a symbol of cultural connection and nostalgia. Interviews and on-location footage take viewers on a heartwarming and insightful exploration of culture, community, and the universal language of food.

Migrating for Miracles: The Cafe Journey – Directed by Dean Matthew Cruz

A short documentary about the people and the community surrounding Tamis Cafe, a humble family-owned restaurant whose owners came to Canada from the Philippines in desire of greater opportunities. Tamis Cafe is located in Centretown, Ottawa. The story follows Elizabeth Sare as she takes us into the past and culture of Tamis Cafe.

Minwaashin Food Bank – Directed by Nodin Hiltz-Andre

A short documentary about the Minwaashin Food bank located at Minwaashin Lodge in Ottawa, an Indigenous Women’s Support Centre. Following the women who make up the bi-weekly food bank at Minwaashin, and what drives them, this documentary will provide a behind the scenes experience to the Minwaashin Food bank during March 2024. Through a series of interviews, behind the scenes footage, and imagery shot on location, a story will be told that will inspire viewers to help their community.

The People United  – Directed by Rama Al-Zu’bi

A short documentary exploring the community behind the Palestinian protests. Since December 23rd, Ottawa Bylaw officers have been ticketing protesters for using megaphones; In response, the community banded together immediately, establishing the community defense fund to cover legal fees. The documentary centers on three individuals: a protester whose life was impacted by the community, an artist who donates her artwork to the defense fund, and an anonymous organizer who assists in planning the protests and raising money.

The Messenger – Directed by Foad Asad

A powerful and thought-provoking exploration of the world of spiritualism and mediumship. Viewers are taken on a captivating journey into the practices of renowned spiritual medium, Debra Savoy. Through intimate interviews and captivating encounters, the film offers a nuanced and in-depth exploration of belief, skepticism, and the search for meaning.


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