Monday, June 21, 2021

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WPBS New York Boost! helps returning High School Students and incoming College Freshmen

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March significantly impacted the educational experience for high school students. The sudden closure of schools and shift to remote online learning created many challenges for teachers, students and parents. As the school year came to a close in late June, it was apparent that three months of remote learning had led to gaps where many students had not had the opportunity to fully cover and comprehend some aspects of their curriculum.

The new school year is now about to begin – whether in person, online or through a hybrid delivery model – and the effect of these gaps on student preparedness may be profound. WPBS has assembled a collection of educational resources specifically designed to address areas where gaps in understanding could negatively impact student success in the upcoming school year.

This collection, curated by WPBS, provides video resources, interactive lessons, and media galleries to help high school students and first year college students gain necessary conceptual understandings that are needed for their academic success in multiple subject areas. Secondary and post-secondary students will be immersed in interactive, experiential learning opportunities, solve real world problems as they are guided by experts, and explore phenomenal resources to broaden their understandings and deepen their thinking. All of the resources are aligned to New York State Learning Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and/or the NYS Social Studies 9 – 12 Framework.

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