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WPBS-DT, Watertown PBS, is announces the completion of a fiber connection


Thomas F. Hanley
President & General Manager
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(315) 782-3142, Ext. 234

WPBS-DT, Watertown PBS, is pleased to announce the completion of the fiber connection from WPBS-DT to Rogers Cable Carrier Hotel in Buffalo, New York. Many area residents in the Northern New York and Eastern Ontario region may remember WPBS-DT was in jeopardy of being removed from Rogers Cable in the Ottawa-area last August, 2009. Because of the steadfast support of our viewers and members and the cooperation of Rogers Cable, we were able to stay on Rogers Cable with the installation of a fiber connection.

“The impact this could have had on WPBS-DT was a loss of approximately $300,000+,” stated President & General Manager, Thomas F. Hanley. WPBS-DT stood to lose membership support from Ottawa area viewers, corporate support from Ottawa area businesses, royalties, and a reduction in state and federal funds (which is based on total dollars raised). Hundreds of individual supporters and businesses in Ottawa, including the City of Ottawa Councillor Rick Chiarelli, supported this two-nation, cross border friendship that has been in existence since 1971. WPBS-DT has been broadcasting into Ottawa since 1971 and has been on their cable system since the early 1980’s. This was more than just dollars and cents, however, and could have meant a loss of a very important communication link we have been able to provide with the City of Ottawa for almost 40 years. With the loss of cable coverage, Northern New York and the Capital of Canada could have lost the potential for the following initiatives:

Cross-border Communications.
communications from Canada’s Capital to Northern New York and back.
worked extensively with the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, the Thousand Islands Tourism
Council, the National Capital Commission in Ottawa, Ontario Parks and many others over

the years that find this type of coverage invaluable. Individuals also tune in to keep informed

Many businesses utilize WPBS-DT as a means of regarding cross-border developments and news programs. WPBS-DT airs in excess of 30 hours of programming each month which is tailored to our Canadian neighbors and friends. Economic Development. The Northern New York/Canadian border region is a part of the world unlike any other. With its international flavor, rich history, scenic natural attractions, country and city communities, deep-rooted cultural traditions, fine educational institutions, and range of employment and entertainment interests, this is an area where personalities thrive, and contrasts abound. WPBS-DT is the one common media thread that binds us all together. Fostering Pride. WPBS-DT has creatively and cooperatively worked with others to bring clarity to regional issues, to showcase regional assets, and to promote the natural resources, and education and training programs available to our two-nation audience. WPBS-DT helps our two-nation audience to better value and appreciate the place they call home.

With thanks to Rogers Cable and the great citizens of the North, we will not lose the only link we have left to discuss regional issues of concern to Northern New York and the City of Ottawa.

WPBS-DT is a not-for-profit public television station serving approximately 650,000 households throughout Northern New York and Eastern Ontario. WPBS-DT’s mission is to educate, entertain and inform in order to enhance the lives of those it serves.