Sunday, May 26, 2024

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Nature Cat MOVIE | Nature Cat’s Nature Movie Special Extraordinaire | PBS KIDS

While Nature Cat and his pals try to figure out what their movie special is about, they realize they’ve come to the end of their Nature Curiosity List and need to add more nature curiosities to it. In the meantime, Sir Galahad gives himself the title of King Galahad (because every movie special needs a king!) and moves into a barren castle. King Galahad doesn’t like how empty and boring his castle is so goes out and steals pieces of nature to make his castle look more beautiful. King Galahad gets carried away and takes more and more from nature, leaving nature barren and an upset Nature Cat and his pals locked up in the castle dungeon. Say it ain’t so! Please don’t worry because Nature will be defended and saved, but it will take a cheese robot, a flock of cute ducklings, an airplane, and of course Nature Cat to do so! Tally ho!

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