Saturday, April 17, 2021

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Dinosaur Train MOVIE | Adventure Island! | PBS KIDS

Join the Pteranodon family on a trip to Adventure Island! The day is packed with fun until an earthquake erupts, causing the theme park...

Wild Kratts | A Caiman Crocodile?! | PBS KIDS

The Kratt Brothers are getting ready for an adventure to find a pink river dolphin, but it looks like a caiman crocodile found them...

Elinor Wonders Why | ? Butterfly Song! | PBS KIDS

Elinor sings a special song about how butterflies drink from flowers! Watch and play more videos and games at or download the *FREE*...

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood | Daniel’s New Friend Max / A New Friend at the Clock Factory | PBS KIDS

In this full episode, Daniel meets a new friend, Max, who is autistic. Daniel learns what he can do when Max needs more time...

Xavier Riddle & the Secret Museum FULL EPISODE | I am Abraham Lincoln / I am Jane Jacobs | PBS KIDS

"I am Abraham Lincoln" Yadina is horrified when part of the playset she borrowed from her friend drops down into the sewer. She doesn’t want...

Xavier Riddle & the Secret Museum FULL EPISODE | I am James Naismith / I am Temple Grandin |PBS KIDS

Xavier, Yadina and Brad are disappointed when they can’t play ball hockey – none of them have hockey sticks! Now what? To the Secret...

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood | Daniel’s New Friend Max Exclusive Clip | PBS KIDS

It’s a big week in Daniel’s neighborhood when Daniel meets a new friend: Max. Max has autism and with the help of Max’s sister, Amira, Daniel...

Wild Kratts FULL EPISODE | In Search of the Easter Bunny | PBS KIDS

The Wild Kratts are busy coloring eggs for Easter. The bros think a really cool adventure would be to actually go find the real...

Dinosaur Train FULL EPISODE | The Beelzebufo Cometh / Dennis Comes to Visit | PBS KIDS

Beelzebufo was a large species of prehistoric frog from the late Cretaceous, found in what is now Madagascar. It may have grown to over...

Hero Elementary FULL EPISODE | AJ’s Extra Superpower | PBS KIDS

When a little girl’s toys keep disappearing from her backyard, Sparks’ Crew discovers the culprit is a neighbor’s dog. How will they keep it...

PBS KIDS Talk About | Standing Up for Yourself & Others | PBS KIDS

In today's "PBS KIDS Talk About: Standing Up for Yourself & Others" real families sat down to have honest conversations about what to do...

Dinosaur Train NEW MOVIE | Adventure Island Movie Coming April 12th! | PBS KIDS

Buckle up and hold on tight for a new Dinosaur Train movie Monday, April 12th on PBS KIDS! Watch and play more videos and games...