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Saturday, March 25, 2023

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Nature Cat FULL EPISODES | Tally Ho! A Volcano! / No Rest For The Squeeky | PBS KIDS

“Tally Ho! A Volcano!”
Welcome to the Amateur Volcanologist Club, everyone! Today, Nature Cat and his pals wants to take their lava game to a whole new level. That’s right, to a real active volcano! But first, they need to find one. Thanks to Amateur Volcanologitst Club President Steve the Vole, that’s not such a problem, but where will it be? Be careful, Nature Cat, the lava might be right under your feet, or at least it used to be a long time ago. Volca-no? More like Volcan-YES. Onward and volcano-ward!

“No Rest For The Squeeky”
Shhh, it’s night-night time. Hal, Nature Cat and Daisy are all ready to go to sleep, but where is Squeeks? Oh, you haven’t heard? Squeeks says she doesn’t need sleep. She can spend her whole night skateboarding, doing karate, and yodeling. Or can she? Hmmm, Nature Cat and his gang think Squeeks needs some rest. After all, doesn’t everyone need sleep? Squeeks isn’t so convinced. Are you telling her that horse is sleeping standing up? Nay, he can’t be! Or what about the ducks? They can’t possibly be sleeping in a lake. Or are they? Stay awake to find out!

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