Monday, June 17, 2024

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Nature Cat FULL EPISODE | The Petrified Wood Mystery / Nature Buddy Clubhouse | PBS KIDS

Time for some Catch and Fetch with Hal! But, hold on, this piece of wood is heavy, and I mean REALLY heavy. Too heavy to catch, fetch, or even throw. It’s like a stone. Tastes like one too! Why?! When an old woodchuck named Jeremiah comes out of the woodwork to explain, Nature Cat and the crew fly back in time to unravel the mysteries of fossilized and petrified wood. Unfortunately for the gang, ancient Earth isn’t as friendly as it might seem! The gang will have to use their newfound knowledge of petrified wood to get back home safe and sound. Onward and yonward!

The pals are building a brand-new Nature Buddy Clubhouse! But first, they’ll need to go shopping for supplies. Let’s see… a desk, planters, and a trampoline. Definitely need one of those. This cart’s looking mighty full, Nature Cat, but a Nature Buddy needs to take care of nature, and a lot of the supplies can’t be made by nature again. What’s a Nature Buddy to do? That’s right, upcycle! Old stuff can be made into new things, and the Nature Buddies have a lot of old stuff. Time to upcycle our way to that Nature Buddy Clubhouse. Nature-nature-hoo-hoo-ha-ha!

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