Friday, September 22, 2023

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Nature Cat Full Episode | Nature Dance Party / Bad Dog Bart Junior | PBS KIDS

Everything’s all set for Nature Cat’s Nature Dance Party tonight! Squeeks, Daisy, and Hal have used nature to make the dance floor, decorations, and lights. Nothing can stop this Nature Dance Party now, except for Nature Cat’s dance music. It’s not from nature! The music must be from nature too! The gang will have to listen – really listen – to discover nature’s songs in the woods, but can Nature Cat find the true rhythm of the night before it’s time for the Nature Dance Party? / Featherbee! Featherbee? Where art thou, Featherbee? Nature Cat’s brand-new cat toy is missing. Oh no! Maybe this treasure map devised by none other than brand new baddie Bad Dog Bart Junior is a clue. X marks the spot! It’s up to Nature Cat and his pals to decipher the cryptic puzzles left behind by the daughter of the dastardly Bad Dog Bart. Will Nature Cat be reunited with his favorite toy, or will Bad Dog Bart Junior get her way and ruin the day? Onward and Featherbee-ward!

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