Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Nature Cat FULL EPISODE | Lights Out For Sea Turtles/Nature Art | PBS KIDS

Nature Cat and his pals are camping out on the beach. Sweet! While they’re looking for seashells, they run into Squeeks’ sea turtle friend, Celia, who just laid more than one hundred eggs. Squeeks wants to see the baby sea turtles up close and watch them run to the ocean. She hears the cuteness factor is off the charts! Celia’s eggs won’t hatch for a while, but she says there are lots of other nests on the beach, and some of the eggs are bound to hatch tonight. Best. Beach. Campout. EVER! Time to find a sea turtle nest! / Today is the day of Hal’s Aunt Riva’s Nature Art Festival and Aunt Riva has a surprise. She’s inviting Hal, Nature Cat, Squeeks and Daisy to be part of her Nature Art show. Hooray! Aunt Riva encourages everyone to let their creative juices flow and create their own nature art. The pressure quickly gets to Nature Cat who’s worried he’ll never be inspired to make any nature art. But Nature Cat just needs to take Aunt Riva’s advice — to relax and soak up nature. That should lead to inspiration! Onward and Artward!

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