Monday, July 22, 2024

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Nature Cat FULL EPISODE | Dr. Pumpkinstein / Nature Catfish | PBS KIDS

Oh no, there are monsters haunting Hugo and his farm!! Strange, warty scary pumpkins! They must be…Dr. Pumpkinstein’s Monster Pumpkins. Ahhh! There has to be a way to rid Hugo’s farm of these spooky squashes before the Halloween Party? Or at least find out where they came from? Help, Nature Crew! / It’s a new nature curiosity to explore for Nature Cat and his pals – the catfish! Nature Cat wonders if it is a relative of his, so it’s onward and riverward to find the answer. But wait, don’t cats hate water? What kind of cat is this fish? Or what kind of fish is this cat? Nature Cat will have to search for his brethren using all the knowledge he can find, but what will the crew discover in the murky depths of the water?

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