Friday, March 31, 2023

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Molly of Denali FULL EPISODE | Mollyball/Visit Qyah | PBS KIDS

After wet cement ruins Molly and the gang’s plans for a basketball rematch, they head over to the Trading Post where they create a new game called Mollyball! As the game gets more and more complex, the kids must figure out a way of explaining the rules and later, how to end the game. / A Game of Kakán (Interstitial): Kids in Unalaska add new rules to the traditional game Kakán. They draw a diagram to help explain their additional rules. / While looking through a travel guide of different Alaskan villages, Molly discovers that Qyah isn’t included! Molly convinces the guide’s author to visit her village and gets everyone involved to show the writer a good time. Will Molly succeed in getting Qyah into the guidebook? #PBSKIDS #MollyOfDenali #Sports #Alaska

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