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Jamie’s Ultimate Veg

Airs Wednesdays, Beginning July 8th at 7:30 pm on WPBS repeats Saturday’s at 2:30 pm

Airs Wednesday’s, Beginning July 8th at 7:30 pm on WPBS
repeats Saturday’s at 2:30 pm

JAMIE’S ULTIMATE VEG encourages meat-eaters and vegetarians alike to put vegetables at the front and center of their plates, providing simple tips and techniques for turning ordinary “veg” into extraordinary main dishes.

Seeking inspiration from around the U.K. and the globe, host Jamie Oliver cooks up a stunning collection of beautiful, vibrant, hearty and healthy vegetarian dishes that are so delicious and easy to make, you won’t even miss the meat.

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Jamie kicks things off by turbo-charging veg in a game-changing meat free, veg packed cottage pie, with a stunningly rich gravy and super-fluffy mash. He’s inspired by a trip to Delhi, and after sampling amazing Indian street food, Jamie turns a classic British Chip butty into a spicy potato surprise, bonkers but brilliant, packed full of flavour and crunch. He goes back to school in London to meet kids who are celebrating veg, and loads a mighty mac ’n’ cheese full of greens!


Jamie showcases veg in his simple but incredibly delicious scruffy aubergine lasagne; topped with gorgeously crispy sage and an almond crunch. His travels around the world take him to Asia’s biggest fruit and veg market to sample some surprising and stunning produce inspiring him to make an incredible Angry green bean salad that packs a punch. He learns why Brits are being braver about sushi, and gets a lesson in the art of creating homemade sushi from a master Japanese chef, but the kicker is – there’s no fish, just nutritious, delicious veg. Inspired by his learning, Jamie creates a veggie version of another Asian classic – delicious crispy-bottomed steamed dumplings packing a punch of beautiful broccoli and butternut squash.

Jamie gets the veg party started with his beautiful, bold, black bean burger, topped with a fresh and colourful salsa, mango and avocado. On his travels to the Middle East, he’s inspired by their array of stunning, imaginative salads to create a charred, crunchy salad with the most unique croutons. In India he learns to cook veggies on an epic scale and dishes up a flavourful curry packed with a very humble veg, that’s singing with spices and fragrant herbs.

Jamie celebrates veg by turning a Pad Thai into a meat-free feast – silky, crunchy and topped with a crispy chilli egg. He experiences cooking like he’s never seen before in rural India, and brings home some clever techniques to create a super quick pickle to crown a tray of crunchy, crispy roasted new potatoes; a surprising killer combo that will blow your mind. In the UK, Jamie discovers an inner-city oasis of veg, grown and cooked by the most amazing cooks from around the world. To top it all off, he creates the most amazing deep pan pizza pie with the most incredible and filling – cauliflower cheese, so wrong – it’s right!

Jamie puts veg centre stage with two recipes for the price of one, embracing beautiful asparagus to make a stunning flavour-packed quiche, buddied up with a sublimely silky soup. Jamie gets hands-on with the humble leek at an organic farm in England and uses them to make a next level Spaghetti Carbonara with a luxurious veggie twist. In the old city of Jerusalem Jamie is exposed to jaw dropping variety of spices and samples a sensational meat free Shawarma. With his head buzzing with veggie recipes, Jamie cooks up a show-stopping cauliflower roast.

Jamie hits us up with a delectable chili that will leave you in no doubt that veg can pack a mighty punch! In India, he learns mouth-watering new techniques to truly make veggies heroes of any dish and creates his own very unique spiced parsnip soup, full of texture and surprise. Inspired by his travels to experience traditional and modern street food in the Middle East, Jamie rustles up a mighty mouth-watering meat free pasty with delicious homemade pastry.

Jamie gets things going by turning out a deliciously simple showstopping onion tart with a sublimely sticky sweet and sour glaze. He feels the love for veg in British-Caribbean cuisine, and inspired by the flavors of Jamaica cooks up an authentic creamy coconut pumpkin rice and spicy butter bean stew. Jamie travels to the Middle East to learn the age-old traditions of stuffing vegetables before letting us in on one of his ultimate veg dishes, a turbocharged stuffed Aubergine curry bursting with Indian spices.

Jamie celebrates beautiful veg in an oozy risotto with amazing roasted tomato; elegant, classy and seriously tasty. His travels around the world take him to the ancient city of Jerusalem, just in time for breakfast. Beginning the day with a nutritious veg pack plate of goodness inspires Jamie to rustle up a new breakfast classic guaranteed to knock your socks off – pancakes supercharged with spinach, cheese and chilli. Back in the UK Jamie’s turning into a student, attending a cookery class with a healthy veg only twist. To help you get more veg in your life, Jamie lets us in on a recipe packed with so much of the good stuff it’ll leave you speechless – a no holds barred Summer veg pie bursting with flavour and goodness with a filo pastry crunch.