Monday, October 2, 2023

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WATCH: Rare copy of the U.S. Constitution to be auctioned #shorts

A rare copy from the first printing of the U.S. Constitution is hitting the auction block on December 13. The copy of the Constitution, dubbed the “Adrian Van Sinderen Constitution” after its longtime owner, is one of only 13 originals known to be in existence, and one of two copies from the first run of prints.

Originally made for delegates to the Constitutional Convention and the Continental Congress, this particular piece of American history hasn’t been for sale since 1984. Sotheby’s Auction House estimated the value of the print between $20 to $30 million, but that number could increase after bidding.

The document will be on display at two public exhibitions at Sotheby’s New York gallery ahead of the December auction.

This reel was produced by Yasmeen Alamiri, Nicole Ellis, Julia Griffin and Tim McPhillips.

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