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The 100 Islands Bridge: An Arm of Friendship

The St. Lawrence River, adorned by the world-renowned 1000 Islands, forms one of this planets most beautiful boundaries between two great nations. Prior to 1938, the only way to cross the river, busily carrying one-fifth of the worlds fresh water to the sea, was to travel to either Niagara Falls or Cornwall, Ontario, where bridges existed … unless, of course, you went by ferry, steamship, or boat. Clearly, there was need for something better.

The seed was planted in 1926, and a little over a decade later, ground was broken in April of 1937. From ground-breaking ceremonies to completion, the entire seven spans of the Thousand Islands Bridge system took only sixteen months to complete, ten weeks ahead of schedule, an amazing accomplishment even by todays standards.

And thus, the 1000 Islands Bridge system became a reality. What was at first an item of tourist curiosity became accepted as a familiar and essential part of the landscape. Today, the 1000 Islands Bridge is an important and crucial contributor to the economies of both the United States and Canada, carrying commerce and tourists to both sides of the border.

The story of the 1000 Islands Bridge system is all here ¦ from eye-witness accounts of the seemingly impossible construction to the complex art of maintaining and operating an international bridge. The 1000 Islands Bridge Authority became a major force in the local tourism industry with the creation of the 1000 Islands International Tourism Council in 1957 and their ownership of historic Boldt Castle in 1977.


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