Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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She Was 10 and Loved Her Dog, But Poverty Meant a Hard Goodbye | FRONTLINE

FRONTLINE’s documentary, “Poor Kids,” explores what poverty means to children. For 10-year-old, Kaylie, it meant saying goodbye to her “perfect, little lovey dog.”

Watch a scene from a new version of “Poor Kids,” airing Wednesday, Nov. 22 on FRONTLINE, that shows an example of some of the difficult choices facing many low-income families in America — a country with one of the highest child poverty rates in the developed world.

Five years ago, in this Emmy-nominated documentary, FRONTLINE explored the economic crisis as it’s rarely seen: through the eyes of children. Now, FRONTLINE continues its reporting on child poverty — revisiting the families at the heart of the film to see what their lives are like five years later, and offering an indelible portrait of the realities of growing up poor in America.

To see what life is like for Kaylie and her family today, watch the updated version of “Poor Kids” that premieres Wednesday on FRONTLINE. And as far as what happened to Nala? According to a Facebook post by the shelter where she was surrendered, there was ultimately a happy ending: she was “adopted to a very nice family.”

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