Monday, October 25, 2021

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PBS NewsHour full episode, Sept. 20, 2021

Monday on the NewsHour, thousands of migrants who overwhelmed Del Rio, Texas are now being deported, most back to a chaotic Haiti. Then, Pfizer’s COVID vaccine is shown to be safe in children as young as five, offering hope to families wanting greater protection. And, as world leaders gather at the United Nations, we talk with the president of Colombia about leading in this moment of crisis.

Examining the possible fate of Haitian, DACA immigrants

Can Dems overcome Senate parliamentarian’s immigration blow?

How financial ‘black swans’ may be driving market drops

News Wrap: U.S. to end travel ban for vaccinated foreigners

What pediatricians seek in Pfizer data on vaccinating kids

Colombian president on environmental terrorism, migration

How U.S. plans to combat the ‘silent killer’ of rising heat

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on immigration, $3.5T bill

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