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PBS NewsHour full episode, Oct. 30, 2020

Friday on the NewsHour, President Trump and Joe Biden converge on Wisconsin, a state setting records for COVID-19 infections and deaths. Plus: What to expect from the campaign’s final days, each candidate’s path to victory, migrant children sent to Mexico, Belgium’s pandemic crisis, the presidential battleground of Arizona, political analysis with Shields and Brooks and mourning COVID-19 victims.

Trump, Biden turn to Midwest, as virus explodes in Wisconsin

What are the candidates’ strategies for race’s final days?

The electoral map and each candidate’s path to victory

News Wrap: Deadly earthquake rattles Turkey, Greece

Why is the U.S. sending Central American children to Mexico?

Belgium’s ‘coronavirus tsunami’ threatens health care system

Why Arizona’s Latino vote could see ‘big change’ this year

Shields and Brooks on 2020 election predictions

Mourning 5 people lost to the pandemic

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