Sunday, November 28, 2021

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PBS NewsHour full episode, Oct. 1, 2021

Friday on the NewsHour, President Joe Biden goes to Capitol Hill to push for progress on the infrastructure, spending bills. Then, with about 70% of the population in Europe inoculated, the challenge of vaccinating hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants arises. And, David Brooks and Jonathan Capehart on the challenges the president is facing getting his economic and social agenda passed.

Biden confident about passing infrastructure, reconciliation

News Wrap: CA to mandate COVID vaccine for schoolchildren

How Merck’s antiviral pill may help beat COVID-19

Why many undocumented migrants in Europe remain unvaccinated

How Brexit played a role in Britain’s gas shortages

Sex abuse scandal upends women’s soccer, FIFA to investigate

Brooks and Capehart on infrastructure, reconciliation

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