Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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PBS NewsHour full episode, May 19, 2021

Wednesday on the NewsHour, we cover the rising death toll in the Middle East as cease-fire between Israel and Hamas may be on the horizon. Then, how partisan politics in Congress hold up investigations into the violent storming of the Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters. And, the devastating impact of colorism on people of color, who face social and commercial pressure to lighten their skin.

Egypt indicates truce agreement between Israel and Hamas

News Wrap: NY state mounts criminal probe of Trump business

Can Biden support both Israel and Palestine?

Why ‘vaccine passports’ may be critical for equity

How colorism haunts dark-skinned immigrant communities

The dangerous secrets inside the Secret Service

How the shadow of Jan. 6 still looms large over Congress

The hardships and lessons from teaching during the pandemic

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