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PBS NewsHour full episode, Mar 30, 2020

Monday on the NewsHour, COVID-19 continues to burn through the U.S. population, with New York as the most severe national hot spot. Plus: Why U.S. coronavirus testing is still problematic, Illinois’ surging number of cases, a Greek refugee camp poised for disaster, U.S. delivery workers fear for their health, President Trump’s update, Politics Monday and one family’s story of coping with pandemic.

More states lock populations down as COVID-19 cases climb

How ‘constrained’ virus testing has crippled U.S. response

‘Everyone is afraid’ as Illinois virus cases spike

At Greek refugee camp, few defenses against COVID-19 threat

News Wrap: Van Gogh painting stolen from Dutch museum

As more people order delivery, workers fear virus exposure

How the president’s coronavirus approach has changed

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Trump and COVID-19

The particular pain of losing a loved one during quarantine

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