Thursday, July 18, 2024

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HomeVideoPBS NewsHour full episode, Jan. 30, 2024

PBS NewsHour full episode, Jan. 30, 2024

Tuesday on the NewsHour, Qatar mediates the push for a pause in fighting between Israel and Hamas. Then, protesters demand their city councils pass resolutions pressuring the Biden administration to act on the Israel-Hamas war. Plus, House Republicans continue the process of impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Qatar mediates for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

News Wrap: Trump will remain on Illinois primary ballot

House Republicans move to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Protesters pressure city councils for U.S. action on Gaza

Michigan mayor snubs meeting with Biden over Gaza

Why manufacturers are slowing electric vehicle production

Stories of women who used violence to fight abuse

A Brief But Spectacular take on the art of dance

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00:00 – Introduction
02:43 – War in the Holy Land
14:44 – News Wrap
19:32 – Mayorkas Impeachment
24:55 – Politics of War
32:33 – Michigan mayor snubs meeting with Biden over Gaza
39:17 – EV Challenges
44:15 – The Furies
52:17 – Brief but Spectacular