Monday, July 22, 2024

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PBS NewsHour full episode, Jan. 12, 2024

Friday on the NewsHour, Houthi rebels vow revenge for U.S. strikes in Yemen in response to attacks on ships in the Red Sea. We examine the critical white evangelical vote ahead of the first contest in the GOP race for the White House. Plus, Taiwan is preparing to choose its next leader in an election that could have major implications for its relationship with China and alliance with the U.S.

Houthis vow revenge after U.S. and U.K. airstrikes in Yemen

News Wrap: Israel rejects genocide allegations at UN court

How U.S. strikes on Houthis could alter Middle East conflict

UN agency describes dire humanitarian situation in Gaza

Iowa ‘kingmaker’ on the GOP race and white evangelical vote

New COVID variant responsible for latest wave of infections

What’s at stake for China and U.S. in Taiwan’s elections

Brooks and Capehart on Iowa expectations, Biden’s campaign

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00:00 – Introduction
02:30 – Yemen Strikes
05:48 – News Wrap
10:03 – Yemen Strikes
15:27 – War in the Holy Land
21:17 – Vote 2024
30:11 – Covid Surge
37:10 – Taiwan Votes
43:34 – Brooks & Capehart