Monday, July 15, 2024

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PBS NewsHour full episode, Jan. 1, 2024

Monday on the NewsHour, Israel’s Supreme Court strikes down a controversial overhaul of the nation’s judiciary, a blow to the prime minister already facing scrutiny amid the war. An investigation finds auditors overlook child migrants being put to work in unsafe and illegal conditions. Plus, the consolidation of healthcare services into corporate hospital systems drives some doctors to unionize.

What the ruling against Netanyahu’s judiciary overhaul means

News Wrap: Russia pounds Ukraine with drone attack

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on the 2024 campaign

Child migrants put to work in unsafe and illegal conditions

Doctors unionize as healthcare services are consolidated

Airlines scrutinized over frequent flyer program devaluation

A look at 2023’s discoveries in space exploration

Vigilantes fight vandalism along Rhode Island shore

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00:00 – Intro
02:19 – War in the Holy Land
09:19 – News Wrap
12:00 – Political Stakes
21:39 – Child Labor
28:44 – Unionizing Doctors
35:45 – Vanishing Miles
42:39 – The Year in Space
49:27 – Artful Cleanup