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HomeVideoPBS NewsHour full episode, Feb. 9, 2021

PBS NewsHour full episode, Feb. 9, 2021

Tuesday on the NewsHour, Donald Trump becomes the first former president to face judgement from the Senate as both sides begin to make their case on his role in the Capitol insurrection, West Virginia emerges as a leader in the inoculation fight against COVID-19 as new variants spread, and a campaign of targeted assassinations against civil society creates climate of fear in Afghanistan’s capital.

Senate votes to move forward with Trump’s impeachment trial

Trump’s former lawyer on his impeachment trial 

A constitutional scholar on Trump’s impeachment trial 

News Wrap: Biden backs $1,400 stimulus payments

Supremes co-founder Mary Wilson dies at 76 

Slowing the spread of new COVID strains

West Virginia emerges as a leader in inoculations

Targeted killings create a climate of fear in Afghanistan

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