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PBS News Weekend full episode, Dec. 30, 2023

Saturday on PBS News Weekend, a federal judge blocks an Iowa law that would ban some library books and forbid many teachers from raising LGBTQ+ issues. Then, from sold-out tours to the rise of new artists, we look back at the booming year in music. Plus, the story of a former police officer who saw the chaos on Jan. 6, but found peace and direction rescuing horses.

News Wrap: Israeli tanks push deeper into Gaza Strip

What to know about Iowa’s school book ban halted by a judge

Critics look back at 2023’s epic year in music

How a former police officer found direction rescuing horses

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00:00 – Intro
01:49 – News Wrap
04:27 – Iowa Book Ban
10:26 – The Year in Music
19:06 – Rescuing Horses
25:14 – News Update