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HomeVideoPBS News Weekend full episode, Dec. 17, 2023

PBS News Weekend full episode, Dec. 17, 2023

Sunday on PBS News Weekend, as Capitol Hill haggles over border security measures, we get the latest from Arizona, where migrant crossings are hitting record highs. Then, how the process for college financial aid is changing and how it’s affecting students and parents. Plus, the legacy of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and her work to end the practice of electing state judges.

News Wrap: Israel finds large Hamas tunnel near Gaza border

How Arizona is responding to a record surge of migrants

What to know about upcoming changes to FAFSA

Why Sandra Day O’Connor fought to end elections of judges

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00:00 – Intro
02:01 – News Wrap
05:03 – On the Border
11:13 – Financial Aid
17:56 – O’Connor’s Legacy