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Oneida Community Mansion House, Oneida, New York

The Oneida Community (1848-1880) was a religiously centered utopian commune whose members shared all aspects of their lives and work. At their high point, the Community included nearly 300 “bible communists,” and they referred to their 93,000 square foot residence as their Mansion House. Today, the Mansion House is a National Historic Landmark and presents programs, tours and exhibits, and also provides overnight lodging.

The Oneida Community was considered to be the most radical and radically successful commune in American history. They were dedicated to the pursuit of perfection, selfless living as one family, and to the sharing of everything, all property, work, and love. The Oneida Community was mostly vegetarian, completely pacifistic, and against cruelty to living beings.

The 93,000 square foot Oneida Community Mansion House was constructed on Oneida, New York, between 1862 and 1879. The commune lasted over 30 years. After their communal existence ended, the community converted to a company that became famous in the 20th century for the manufacture of Oneida Silverware.

Today, the Oneida Community Mansion House and gardens are open to the public for tours. Visitors can stay overnight in one of several guest rooms. An on-site restaurant features gourmet food.

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