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Netanyahu, America & the Road to War in Gaza (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel and amid Israel’s retaliation in Gaza, this 90-minute documentary offers a sweeping examination of critical moments leading up to this crisis, and the pivotal role of a central player: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Starting with the Oslo Accords and continuing through to the current war in Gaza, “Netanyahu, America & the Road to War in Gaza” draws on years of reporting and takes an incisive look at the long history of failed peace efforts and violent conflict in the region — and the increasing tensions between Israel and its ally, the U.S., over the war’s catastrophic toll and what comes next.

The documentary traces the tenure of Israel’s longest-serving prime minister and the years of jockeying between him, U.S. presidents and the Palestinians. It features firsthand accounts of insiders and advisors to Netanyahu, U.S. presidents and Palestinian leadership, as well as key insights from experts and observers of the decades-long conflict. Painting a revealing portrait of Netanyahu’s political evolution and fateful decisions, the film also draws on past interviews from FRONTLINE’s 2016 documentary “Netanyahu at War.”

“Netanyahu, America & the Road to War in Gaza” also shows how, in the wake of President Joe Biden’s initial embrace of Netanyahu in response to Oct. 7, the relationship has become increasingly fractious, with the president pressing Israel to embrace a two-state solution to the conflict, and the prime minister vowing not to “repeat the mistake of Oslo.”

“Netanyahu, America & the Road to War in Gaza” is a FRONTLINE Production with Left/Right Docs. Directed by James Jacoby. Written by James Jacoby and Anya Bourg. Produced by Anya Bourg and Lauren Ezell Kinlaw. Co-produced by Christina Avalos and Chris O’Coin. The senior producers are Eamonn Matthews and Frank Koughan. The editor-in-chief and executive producer of FRONTLINE is Raney Aronson-Rath.

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