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Law & Disorder: Questionable Police Shootings in Hurricane Katrina’s Wake (documentary) | FRONTLINE

An investigation of allegations that the New Orleans Police Department inappropriately used lethal force against New Orleans citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and then tried to cover up their actions. (Aired 2011)

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Henry Glover was last seen alive in the backseat of a white Chevy Malibu on Sept. 2, 2005, just days after Hurricane Katrina hit. His charred remains would later be discovered on the banks of the Mississippi River, inside a car that had apparently been set on fire. FRONTLINE, in partnership with ProPublica and The Times-Picayune, dug into Glover’s death and a number of incidents in which police shot civilians in New Orleans in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The investigation revealed that, in the midst of post-Katrina chaos, law-enforcement commanders issued orders to ignore long-established rules governing use of deadly force.

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Prologue – 00:00
A Burned Body in Hurricane Katrina’s Aftermath – 01:49
Chaos and Confusion Post-Hurricane Katrina – 11:32
Questionable Police Shootings in Hurricane Katrina’s Wake – 20:33
Who Shot Henry Glover? – 25:09
New Orleans Police Department’s History of Scandal – 40:20
Indictments in Henry Glover’s Death – 49:11
Credits – 53:09