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Iraq Uncovered: Investigating Shia Militias’ Alleged Abuse of Sunni Civilians (full doc) | FRONTLINE

As ISIS was pushed out of areas of Iraq, FRONTLINE correspondent Ramita Navai made a dangerous and revealing journey to investigate allegations of abuse of Sunni Muslim civilians by powerful Shia militias. (Aired 2017)

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The Shia militias were a crucial part of Iraq’s fight against ISIS and were supposed to answer to the country’s prime minister. But “Iraq Uncovered” investigated how some of the groups were accused of kidnapping, torturing and even killing Sunni civilian men and boys, whom the militias often saw as ISIS suspects.

Navai traveled to areas of the country where few journalists went, talking to Sunnis who said their relatives were abducted and abused at the hands of the militias. She found a makeshift militia prison crammed with men the militia admitted had been held there for months without any charges. Navai found that people in refugee camps were “as scared of the militias as they are of ISIS,” and she spoke to leading Sunni and Shia politicians as well as militia members themselves.

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“Iraq Uncovered” was a Quicksilver Media production for WGBH/FRONTLINE in association with Channel 4. The correspondent was Ramita Navai. The director was Patrick Wells. The producers were Mais Al-Bayaa, Ramita Navai and Patrick Wells. The senior producer was Dan Edge. The executive producer for Quicksilver Media was Eamonn Matthews. The executive producer for FRONTLINE was Raney Aronson-Rath.

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Prologue – 00:00
The Shia Militias Fighting ISIS – 0:58
Disappearances of Sunni Men and Boys From Iraqi Towns – 10:29
Shia Militias Accused of Abusing Sunni Civilians – 22:29
The Secret Prisons Run by Shia Militias – 33:31
Preventing the Next War in Iraq – 43:53
Credits – 51:59