Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Inside the Largest Known U.S. Special Forces Ground Raid in Yemen | “Targeting Yemen” | FRONTLINE

FRONTLINE’s Safa Al Ahmad goes to the site of the largest known U.S. special forces ground raid in Yemen to investigate the escalation of the U.S. fight against Al Qaeda.

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In “Targeting Yemen,” a new documentary that airs Jan. 22, correspondent Safa Al Ahmad returns to Yemen amid an ongoing war to report on American ground raids and drone strikes that have targeted Al Qaeda. She talks to Yemeni witnesses and survivors about what they’ve experienced.

In the above excerpt from the documentary, 8-year-old Mujahid describes seeing American soldiers in one of the largest known U.S. Special Forces ground raids in Yemen. “There were so many of them. Each one of them had someone else behind them,” Mujahid says. His back and hearing were damaged in the raid. When someone asks what happened to him, he replies, “America.”

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