Human Trafficking Month

WPBS-DT presents, Public Eye with Jeff Cole: Human Trafficking. Is it in the North Country, what does it look like, who are its victims? Those are just a couple of the questions we’ll attempt to uncover during Human Trafficking month on WPBS.


Corporate Support Provided by:

If you suspect a person is the victim of human trafficking, consider the following:

In emergency situations, Call 911

Call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888
Call your local law enforcement offices.

For additional information regarding this topic, please consider:

U.S. Department of State Office to Combat & Monitor Trafficking in Persons

UN Global Programs Against Trafficking in Human Beings
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Information for Victims of Trafficking in Persons & Forced Labor

Model Law to Combat Trafficking of Persons

Stop Trafficking

Polaris Project

Protection Project

Break the Chain Campaign

For Information regarding North Country Task Force representing our Region:

Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia,
Chair of the Human Trafficking Task Force of the North Country
The Worker Justice Center of New York

“The Worker Justice Center of New York pursues justice for those denied human rights with a focus on agricultural and other low-wage workers, through legal representation, community empowerment and advocacy for institutional change.” There are 3 centers:

Kingston Contact

9 Main Street
Kingston, NY 12401

P: 1.800.905.9644
P: 845.331.6615
F: 845.331.6617

Rochester Contact

1187 Culver Road
Rochester, NY 14609

P: 1.800.724.7020
P: 585.325.3050
F: 585.325.7614

Albany Contact

33 Central Ave.
Albany, NY 12210

P: 1.800.905.9644