Friday, December 8, 2023

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Fulford Place Museum, Brockville, Ontario | WPBS Short Flix

“Pink Pills for Pale People” helped construct this grand mansion. The Fulford Place Mansion in Brockville, Ontario, was built in 1901 for Senator George T. Fulford. Fulford made his fortune selling “pink pills for pale people” and at one time, was the richest man on the river. He was one of the first people to use testimonials in advertising, which became a very successful technique.

The stone for the mansion came from a quarry at Gouverneur, New York, just across the border. Inside, the house features intricately carved woodwork, all fashioned by hand.

In 1905, George Fulford became the first Canadian ever, to die in an automobile accident. His son, George the second, was only three years old at the time. George the second died in 1987. George the second donated the house to the Ontario Heritage Foundation, and his son, George the third, donated all the contents of the house.

Today, this 35-room mansion is owned and operated by the Ontario Heritage Trust and is open for tours. Original furniture, china, silverware, paintings and more are showcased throughout the house. When you come to visit, you’ll see what this house was like in 1901.

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