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Both Sides of the Border – Coming Fall 2021

It is the longest unguarded border in the world. An enduring tribute to the two great countries that share it. And while it is temporarily “closed” – for the first time in history – we can take a moment to reflect on the paradox that while Americans and Canadians share a friendship and comity unlike any other, there are often shortcomings in understanding and appreciation of each other. We believe a program that analyzes the many issues we share in common, along with often differing perspectives on those issues, could contribute to a better understanding for all.

This public affairs television/digital media series will focus on panel discussions and interviews from experts on topics of shared interest between the United States and Canada. No doubt, we will discover that we have more in common than what may separate us, but we are not afraid to point out our differences in hopes of leading to a clearer understanding on both sides.

As a PBS “border station” that has for over 60 years served sizable audiences in both Eastern Ontario/The National Capital Region and across Northern New York, WPBS is uniquely well-positioned to undertake a series with this particular mandate.