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All Creatures Great and Small: Season 4 Cast Q&A

Kathryn VanArendonk, TV critic for Vulture and New York Magazine, hosted a Q&A panel with the cast of Season 4, including Nicholas Ralph, Rachel Shenton, and more. #masterpiecepbs #allcreaturesgreatandsmall #allcreaturespbs #nicholasralph #samuelwest #rachelshenton

Welcome and introductions: 00:00—04:06

Season 4 overview: 04:11—07:23

Each character’s evolution since Season 1: 07:24—14:10

Missing Tristan’s character: 14:13—18:59

The new character of Richard Carmody: 19:01—22:03

Helen’s unique position in Skeldale House: 22:20—25:10

Siegfried’s many contradictions: 25:51—27:38

The hardest scene to shoot in Season 4: 27:55—31:07

The tone of the show: 31:09—33:56

Have you taken on any of your character’s traits? 33:58—36:58

Memorable animal experiences during filming: 36:59—39:49

Cast member most likely to crack up on set: 39:52—40:31

Filming in the Yorkshire Dales: 40:41—41:50

How costuming affects each character: 41:59—45:23

Talking like a veterinarian/using medical jargon: 45:26—47:59

Cast members pick alternate role for themselves: 48:07—49:40

Closing remarks and thanks: 49:41—50:35

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