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A refugee puppet, living on fake Mars and other stories you missed | 5 STORIES | August 20, 2021

The PBS NewsHour’s “5 STORIES” serves up five interesting stories from around the world that you may have missed. On this week’s episode: NASA welcomes applications for yearlong simulated missions to Mars, new research suggests increased screen time during the pandemic is leading to more nearsightedness in kids, a larger-than-life puppet walks across Europe to bring attention to the plight of refugee children, why wildfires burning in Siberia are bigger than all others in the world this summer combined and scientists say our metabolisms don’t slow down in middle age after all.

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0:04 Living on fake Mars
0:54 Nearsightedness in kids
1:50 Larger-than-life puppet
2:41 Siberian wildfires
3:40 Metabolism misconceptions

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