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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Kate Andersen Brower on her new book “Team of Five”| Washington Week | PBS

On the Washington Week Extra, presidential historian Kate Andersen Brower discusses her newest book Team of Five: The President’s Club in the Age of...

“The New Woman” | The Vote | American Experience | PBS

In the early 20th century, women's roles were changing dramatically. " were impatient for the change that they were realizing in their own lives." Learn...

Two Paths to Suffrage | The Vote | American Experience | PBS

A rift began to form in the suffrage movement, between some who wanted to compromise and cooperate, and those willing to employ more radical...

PBS American Portrait | Pride Month | PBS

Pride Month celebrates the progress made on the journey to LGBTQ equality while also recognizing the challenges that still lie ahead. Share what Pride...

The Early Suffragists | The Vote | American Experience | PBS

The first generation of American suffragists called for "equal voting rights for all." Learn more about THE VOTE, including where to watch the documentary: One...

Unladylike2020: The Changemakers | Official Trailer | American Masters | PBS

Official website: | #Unladylike2020PBS Mark the women’s suffrage centennial with stories of pioneering women who shaped American politics. Unladylike2020: The Changemakers is an hour-long...

Chapter 1 | Part 1 | The Vote | American Experience | PBS

Learn more about THE VOTE, including where to watch the documentary: One hundred years after the passage of the 19th Amendment, The Vote tells...

Division at Seneca Falls | The Vote | American Experience | PBS

At first closely intertwined, the abolition and suffrage movements were called to make a compromise that became a lasting wedge. Learn more about THE VOTE,...

DOJ Official alleges political interference in the case of Roger Stone | Washington Week | PBS

Want even more #WashWeekPBS? Watch the Extra where the panel discussed allegations that Trump administration political appointees pushed the Department of Justice to drop...

40th Anniversary Special A Capitol Fourth | Official Trailer | PBS

Official Website: | #July4thPBS Join us for the 40th anniversary presentation of A Capitol Fourth, the national July 4th tradition on PBS. This year’s...

Peabody Presents: Best in Documentary | A Discussion with this Year’s Best Filmmakers

The Peabody Awards and PBS present a roundtable special featuring the filmmakers of this year’s 10 Peabody documentary winners. The program celebrates the films...

And She Could Be Next | Official Trailer | POV | PBS

Official Website: | #SheCouldBeNextPBS And She Could Be Next follows a defiant movement of women of color as they transform politics from the ground...