Season 1 Episode Descriptions

Episode #101 Sergeant Hernandez

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 101: Sergeant Hernandez

Don takes Staff Sergeant, Joey Hernandez, on beautiful Lake Bonaparte in Northern New York State. SSG. Hernandez is an Army Ranger and a novice fisherman. Don and guide, Chris Flint, introduce Army Ranger Joey Hernandez to catch and release in Northern New York. SSG Hernandez shares amazing stories of military life and deployment during times of conflict.

Episode #102 Sergeant Hackler

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 102: Sergeant Hackler

On the Mohawk Reservation in Northern New York, Don takes an army combat medic who was recently deployed to Afghanistan, on the Akwaesasne River to experience bass fishing. Sgt. Benjamin Hackler shares his experiences in Afghanistan and his growth and maturity in the US Army.

Episode #103 Captain Ferguson

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 103: Captain Ferguson

Don with guest, Captain Max Ferguson and friends take a six-mile journey on the Grasse River in search of the elusive and legendary Muskie. Captain Ferguson is an Army Ranger and has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Visit with Captain Ferguson and his family as we learn about his amazing military career.

Episode #104 Specialist Tiner

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 104: Specialist Tines

Don takes Specialist Rodney Tiner down the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York. Specialist Tiner is a combat medic in the US Army with a recent tour in Afghanistan. Specialist Tiner learns how to catch Steelheads and describes the pressures of military life on the families of soldiers.

Episode #105 Sergeant Geig

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 105: Sergeant Geig

Don tackles the St. Lawrence River near Waddington, New York with guests Sergeant First Class David Geig and his son, Nick, who turned 13 years old on that day. SFC. Geig is in the Military Police at Fort Drum, New York and is an accomplished artist. Don helps the father-son team catch bass on this special birthday episode.

Episode #106 Two Brothers

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 106: Two Brothers

A journey to Lake Ontario in Oswego, New York with two brothers in the National Guard shows the challenges of fishing in open water as waves rock their boat side-to-side as well as the passengers aboard. Brothers, Danny and Patrick Edwards share their experiences serving in combat together. They face the challenges of battling the swells of Lake Ontario.

Episode #107 Pilot Conlin

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 107: Pilot Conlin

Curt Conlin, a retired army helicopter pilot and veteran, joins Don on the cold and snowy banks of the Salmon River in Northern New York. They venture through the elements with seasoned fisherman and Vietnam veteran, Jim Kelso, who teaches Don and Curt the art of catching steelheads.

Episode #108 Cadet Brown

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines 108: Cadet Brown

Tyeler Brown, a college cadet at the prestigious Norwich University is joined by his father, Scott Brown, and guide Air Force Bob, as they teach Don the particulars of ice fishing. Tyeler shares why a young man decides to become an officer in the Marine Corps and how it affects his family.

Episode #109 Captain Williams

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 109: Captain Williams

Captain Jason Williams of the United States Army goes fishing with Don in Jefferson County, New York. Guide Ricky Moore takes Don and Captain Williams on a wild and fun excursion down small creek fishing for some very large salmon. Enjoy the spectacle of chasing down and grabbing large salmon while using only their hands as nets. Captain Williams shares the special challenges of commanding soldiers during conflict.

Episode #110 Specialist Pulsifer

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 110: Specialist Pulsifer

On the Mohawk Reservation with guide Will Clute, Don takes Army Specialist Bill Pulsifer of the National Guard fishing for some of the largest fish he has ever caught. Like other areas in Northern New York, the Reservation has an abundance of fish. Watch Specialist Pulisfers excitement as he catches large bass and shares the story of serving his country.

Episode #111 Mike Rist, Retired Army

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 111: Mike Rist, Retired Army

Don takes retired SFC. Mike Rist to the Mohawk Reservation in Northern New York. Soon the fish begin to jump, and the two begin to have a lot of fun. Guide Will Clute gives SFC. Mike Rist an experience he will never forget. Listen to a heart-felt story of losing a close friend in combat.

Episode #112 Gerald and Elaine Esposito, Wounded Warriors

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 112: Gerald and Elaine Esposito, Wounded Warriors

Don and Captain Ernie take two wounded veterans, who happen to be husband and wife, fishing on Lake Ontario in Oswego, New York. Gerald and Elaine Esposito share their stories of the struggles for wounded warriors as they adjust to their new lives. Learn how fishing can be a therapeutic tool for soldiers who come back wounded from conflict.

Episode #113 The Best of

WPBS: Fishing Behind The Lines Episode 113: The Best Of

Re-visit some of our favorite moments as Don recounts the highlights from this seasons episodes. Each week highlighted a day of fishing with active duty or retired military personnel. With rehabilitative recreation through fishing, we learned of the soldiers experiences and what motivates them to serve in the U.S. military.