Friday, January 28, 2022

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WPBS-TV celebrates the Adirondack Park with special programming Sunday, January 9th

The largest protected wilderness area in the eastern United States, Adirondack Park is a national Historic Landmark – and it’s right in our backyard! On Sunday afternoon, January 9th, delve deep into the history and natural beauty of the Adirondacks with an extraordinary lineup of documentaries about the region beginning at 12 noon:

12:00 pm - Developing the Raquette River: The Raquette River is the second longest in New York State. This locally produced documentary celebrates the people and places along the Raquette River, showcasing its many attractions and events.   

12:30 pm - The Raquette River Experience: This locally-produced documentary takes a personal journey into the lives of the men and women who lived, worked, and experienced the dam building projects along the Raquette River from the 1950’s to modern day.  These eyewitness accounts of life near and around the dams of the Raquette River paint a vivid portrait of a bygone era of American life in Northern New York. 

1:00 pm - My Native Air: Charles Evans Hughes was a Glen Falls native and 20th century political and judicial titan (Republican Presidential candidate, governor of New York, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court). His deep ties to the Adirondacks permeated his illustrious career. 

2:00 pm - A Wild Idea – The Birth of the APA: Adirondack Park is one of the largest unbroken deciduous forests on earth, with a thousand miles of streams and rivers, hundreds of lakes and lofty peaks. Amazingly, most of the land within the park is privately owned and 85 million people live within a day’s drive. 

3:00 pm - Park it! Adirondacks: An exploration of the Adirondack region highlighting the history, experiencing the activities and encouraging the preservation of the park.