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Watertown, NY- April 14, 2015

WPBS is proud to announce the Daniel Tiger Neighbor Days Campaign.  What does it mean to be a good neighbor? One of the fundamental skills involved is kindness. Kindness can be taught in many ways beginning at the youngest ages but it also needs to be modeled by adults and reinforced in a variety of different ways.  Daniel Tiger Neighbor Days encourages you and your family to do a good dead and pass it on. Pick up or download a Daniel Tiger Neighbor Days card to help spread the message to your neighbors at any of the following WPBS Kids events or the WPBS Studio located at 1056 Arsenal Street in Watertown, NY.

Looking for ideas? You can find several suggestions online to help you and your family teach kindness while getting to know the people in your community, just visit WPBS at   Upload a video of your good deed to our Facebook page or tweet your stories and photos to: #bemyneighbor@WPBSTV.

The Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood parents site also has a lot of good advice from Mister Rogers, including an article on Fred Rogers wisdom on making friends and an article by PBS Parents about helping your child make new friends.

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