Monday, December 11, 2023

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WPBS-DT, Watertown Public Media, is pleased to announce the completion of a new, five-year strategic plan.  The senior management team and the board of trustees started the process in December 2016.  Following a comprehensive SWOT Analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and the successful completion of the previous strategic plan (2013-2017), a new plan was adopted that will lead WPBS-DT well into the future with the focus of updating aging infrastructure, local content production, new educational resources and new opportunities for collaboration.  The Board of Trustees hosted a half-day retreat on Friday, August 18, 2017 to lend support for the goals, objectives and metrics of the overall plan.

Following board approval, the plan will be introduced to the entire WPBS staff, posted on-line and a management action plan will follow to begin a timeline for completion.  The strategic planning process was facilitated by Melanie Rafferty of Cortel Improvement.  Please feel free to go on-line at to find the new plan which boasts revised mission, vision and values statement along with seven strategic goals.  “I cannot tell you how excited we are and how proud we are to reach the point of working on visionary goals that will help to distinguish WPBS as a channel of choice and a valuable public asset that works to tell our region’s stories:” stated Lynn Brown, President & General Manager of WPBS-DT.

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Public Service
Leveraging unbiased, multi-platform media engagement, WPBS-DT connects our two-nation broadcast community through awareness and understanding of local, regional and international issues with the highest integrity for people of all ages.

Two-Nation Station
WPBS-TV uniquely promotes communication, cooperation, diversity and cultural understanding among our entire broadcast community, treating all stake holders honestly and fairly.

Center for Life-Long Learning
WPBS-DT cultivates state-of-the-art media technologies for interactive, creative and effective teaching resources in today’s physical and virtual learning environments for schools, colleges and beyond.

Conduit of Economic Prosperity
WPBS-DT is committed to the development and distribution of multi-media content, resources and partnerships that promote economic growth, workforce development, and tourism throughout our international region.

WPBS-TV is a non-profit public television station serving approximately 650,000 households throughout Northern New York and Eastern Ontario. WPBS-TV’s mission is to educate, entertain and inform our two-nation audience through superior local and national content and media engagement in order to enhance the lives of those it serves.  More information about WPBS is available at, or by following WPBS on Twitter and Facebook.