Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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WPBS-TV, Watertown Public Broadcasting, serving Northern New York and Eastern Ontario for 60 years, has announced today that President & General Manager, Lynn Brown is ending her 20-year tenure at WPBS-TV effective June 30, 2019.

“When I joined the WPBS family in June of 1999, I could never have anticipated the wondrous adventures waiting for me, said Lynn Brown, WPBS President & General Manager.  I have traveled, made friends, met numerous PBS Personalities and have been challenged every single day.  Perhaps the most rewarding experience in my career at WPBS is having the privilege of leading one of the most creative and talented teams in the region and having the best audience in TV Land!  I will forever be an advocate for Public Broadcasting, which exists to impart knowledge, ignite passions and promote and convene civil dialogue.”

“On behalf of the WPBS Board of Trustees, we cannot thank Lynn enough for her dedication to the mission of Public Media and the leadership role she has played in serving this diverse, two-nation broadcast community, stated Art Rees, Chairman, WPBS Board of Trustees.  We are deeply appreciative that we have the time to engage in a thoughtful search process and recruit a new leader at WPBS that will ensure the innovation and growth strategies, currently enjoyed at WPBS, continue.”

Lynn has served as President & General Manager since July 2013, and some of her achievements include overseeing a capital improvement plan at the physical plant on Arsenal Street, restructuring the way we seek community support, significantly increasing revenues; increasing the amount of award-winning local content on all platforms and working with community partners in the development of GPS for Success, a multi-media career exploration site for students.

Lynn and her team were also committed to developing a future culture of sustainability at WPBS.  To that end, an emergency fund was established and fully funded, a formal endowment was created with the Northern New York Community Foundation and a Sustainability Fund was also funded.  Lynn and the WPBS senior management team recently completed a strategic plan (2018-2022), which will serve as a guiding force in the coming months and years.  The Strategic Plan will also allow for future initiatives that will truly be transformational for this broadcast community.

WPBS-TV is a non-profit public television station serving approximately 650,000 households throughout Northern New York and Eastern Ontario. WPBS-TV’s mission: Trusted as the source for life-long education, entertainment, and information to our two-nation regions through quality media content, partnerships, and service that inspires those we serve. More information about WPBS is available at, or by following WPBS on Twitter and Facebook.

Additional Questions & Answers Regarding the Leadership Transition at WPBS

Q:  Was Lynn’s decision to leave voluntary?

A:  Absolutely.  Lynn has shared that this was one of the most difficult decisions she’s had to make in her professional career.

Q:  Why is Lynn leaving WPBS?

A:  Lynn’s decision was not an easy one to make but feels that the disciplined work completed over the past five years allows for a new leader with new perspectives and ideas to continue WPBS-TV’s current pattern of innovation and growth.  Lynn has also indicated that she has reached an important season in life’s journey, finding it necessary to be more available to family and assisting her husband in his small businesses.

Q:  Where is Lynn going?

A:  Lynn is not leaving to seek a leadership role elsewhere, or because she is unfulfilled.  She wanted to be more readily available to her two children requiring more travel and have the time to assist her husband in his increasingly busy role as an entrepreneur and businessman.

Q:  What’s the transition plan?

A:  Lynn will continue in her leadership role at WPBS until June 30, 2019, which gives the Board of Trustees excellent lead time to recruit a replacement.

Q:  Is there a transition team?

A:  Yes, the transition team consists of the Personnel Committee of the Board of Trustees and two former board members who are familiar with the station and the recruitment process.  The Board has approved the use of a search firm to assist in the recruitment process.

Q:  How is WPBS-TV’s financial health?  Is there a problem?

A:  Absolutely no problem.  WPBS just had one of the best Audited Financial Reports in almost a decade showing a surplus and indicating excellent financial stewardship by Lynn and the senior management team.  There has been an increased focus on decreasing expenses and increasing revenues over the past five years that has allowed for a healthy financial outlook.

For Additional Information, Contact:

Art Rees, Chairman of the Board