Monday, December 4, 2023

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HomeVideoWho is Ziwe's dream guest? 9 questions with late-night TV's newest host

Who is Ziwe’s dream guest? 9 questions with late-night TV’s newest host

Ziwe Fumudoh, who only goes by Ziwe, is known for putting her guests on the spot with direct questions about race and social issues. Now, she’s the host of her own late-night show, aptly named “Ziwe,” premiering May 9 on Showtime. Ahead of the premiere, we had some rapid-fire questions of our own, starting with the set of “Ziwe,” which is utterly drenched in pink. Pink walls, pink chairs, pink fur coats. Why? “It’s a deconstruction of masculinity in late night, as well as intellectual spaces,” Ziwe says, without skipping a beat.

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