Thursday, August 18, 2022

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When Trump Demolished the Bonwit Teller Building’s Sculptures

When Donald Trump wanted to make his mark in New York real estate, he chose the landmark Bonwit Teller building as the site for Trump Tower. He vowed to preserve the building’s two valuable art deco sculptures, but then ordered their demolition when they delayed construction – setting off a media firestorm.

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Get a look inside the moment Trump was criticized for destroying this valuable art, and how the experience shaped his dealings with the news media for decades to come.

“When Trump Demolished the Bonwit Teller Building’s Sculptures ” was drawn from FRONTLINE’s reporting for “The Choice 2016,” filmmaker Michael Kirk and his team’s dual biography of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Watch the related film, “President Trump,” for a closer look at key moments that shaped Donald Trump, and how he leads:


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