Friday, June 21, 2024

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What Happens When You Fail a Drug Test on Parole? | Life on Parole | FRONTLINE (PBS)

Jessica Proctor is on parole. She just tested positive for marijuana. Her parole officer could send her back to prison — but will she?

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Some states are giving parole officers the discretion to dole out a second chance after relatively minor infractions, rather than automatically sending people who violate their parole restrictions back behind bars.

“If I was to lock up everyone that’s run into Jessica’s situation,” says Officer Katherine Montoya, “I wouldn’t have a caseload.”

Stream “Life on Parole” and watch Proctor’s story unfold in full at, and read The New York Times’ related reporting at The documentary follows Proctor and three other former prisoners in Connecticut as they navigate the challenges of more than a year on parole — from finding work, to staying sober, to parenting — while under intense supervision from the state.


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