Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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HomeVideoWhat Children Captured by ISIS Saw | Escaping ISIS | FRONTLINE

What Children Captured by ISIS Saw | Escaping ISIS | FRONTLINE

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In one of the most harrowing moments from “Escaping ISIS,” a new documentary from FRONTLINE (PBS), 21-year-old Aeida – one of the earliest Yazidi women to escape from ISIS — shares what she says being held captive by ISIS was like for her and her two young children.

“When the children argue, my daughter says she’s going to behead them,” Aeida says, and then asks her daughter, “What was ISIS doing? Show me.”

Her daughter draws her hand across her throat.

“That means they saw with their own eyes how they killed people,” Aeida says. “They were beheading them.

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