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‘We Couldn’t Hear the Kids’: An Excerpt From ‘Inside the Uvalde Response’ | FRONTLINE (PBS)

Accounts from law enforcement officers in a new FRONTLINE/The Texas Tribune/ProPublica documentary show that Robb Elementary students stayed quiet and hidden on May 24, 2022 as they were trained to do – and, because of that, ‘officers thought they weren’t there’ and took longer to help, reporter Lomi Kriel says in an excerpt from ‘Inside the Uvalde Response.’

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“Inside the Uvalde Response” premieres in full Tues., Dec. 5 at 7 pm ET at pbs.org/frontline and in the PBS Video App, and at 10/9c that night on PBS and FRONTLINE’s YouTube channel.

Featuring never-before-published interviews conducted by state and federal investigators in the days immediately after the shooting, the documentary and related reporting identify critical missteps as the response unfolded; explore the candid fears, regrets and anguish expressed by officers; and underline the complexity, confusion and tragedy of the day.

Explore additional reporting related to “Inside the Uvalde Response” on our website: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/documentary/inside-the-uvalde-response/

“Inside the Uvalde Response” is a FRONTLINE production with The Documentary Group in association with ProPublica and The Texas Tribune. The director is Juanita Ceballos. The producers are Juanita Cellabos and Michelle Mizner. The co-producer is Lauren Prestileo. The writer is Juanita Ceballos. The senior producers are Nina Chaudry and Gabrielle Tenenbaum. The reporters are Lomi Kriel and Lexi Churchill (ProPublica/The Texas Tribune) and Jinitzail Hernandez (The Texas Tribune), with editing by Zahira Torres of ProPublica and The Texas Tribune. The editor-in-chief of ProPublica is Stephen Engelberg. The editor-in-chief of The Texas Tribune is Sewell Chan. The editor-in-chief and executive producer of FRONTLINE is Raney Aronson-Rath.

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